The IT Crowd - нови сезони

Не знам, как съм съществувал до ден днешен, без да знам, че има трети, четвърти и пети сезон на The IT Crowd, мислех си, че са приключили след втория… Вчера си легнах в 22:30 часа, днес станах в 11:30. Страхотно продължение на 13-часовия ми сън. :)

The IT Crowd

Jen: You’re alright Moss?

Moss: I’ve got the blues, Jen.

Jen: Why?

Moss: Why? Roy and I have become like an old married couple.

Roy: Oh, will you please stop saying that. And I’m the husband!

Moss: We just seem to do the same thing day and day out, I’m stagnating, Jen. I’m like a pack of the chris on the roof. *

Jen: Seems to me, the problem is that you spend too much time together. You should get out there and meet other people.

Moss: Other people?

Jen: Yes.

Moss: You mean people other than Roy?

Jen: Yes.

Moss: And these “other people”, where do they congregate?

Jen: Well, now, you could join to an evening class or something like that?

Roy: Wow, wow, hold on a second now. And what exactly I’m supposed to do, while she’s out gallivanting at her night classes of what-not?

Jen: Well, you could meet other people as well.

Roy: Yeeaah, I don’t like people.

Jen: Oh, well, that’s not fair, Roy, have you met all of them?

Roy: I’ve met enough of them … People, what a bunch of bastards.

* - не съм сигурен, че точно това казва.

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